Each department or facility has a contact person for Moodle, who is often more familiar with the specific academic standards of teaching. Therefore, preferably use these resources for any questions or issues with Moodle in your studies. Here you can find the right contacts.
Contact information for various departments and facilities
Department / FacilityContact Person(s)
Department of Architecture
Yeliz Cölgecen
Bernd Hofemann
Department of Design
Eric Fritsch
Department of Electrical and Information Technology
Andreas Jüschke, Markus Pesch-Funken
Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering
David Kleber
Department of Media
Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences
Arne George | Office of E-Learning & Digital Media
Faculty of Business Administration
Jan Böke
Phoutsada Roscher
Institute for Scientific Continuing Education (IWW)
Kerstin Schwarz
Coordinator for Digital Accessibility
Thomas Stopinski
Center for Digitalization and Digitality (ZDD)
Jasmin Schemann-Gerull
Center for Continuing Education and Competence Development (ZWEK)
Christian-Max. Steier | Media Didactics ZWEK

The ZWEK is responsible for the central administration, coordination, and educational development. If you have questions or issues that go beyond the responsibilities of the department, please use this support form to get assistance from ZWEK.